Do you like choices?  Most people do!  The Independent Broker provides you the power of choice by representing more than one Insurance Company.

When you work with a trusted independent brokerage you gain value in several areas. Here are five of many benefits you can experience when dealing with an independent broker.

  1. No Call Centre:  No waiting on hold or speaking to a different person every time you phone in. Some insurance companies sell their product directly to consumers through call centres.  How do you develop a relationship with the call centre, and more importantly how will they work with you when you experience a loss? All of our staff at McKillop are here to assist you when you need us whether over the phone or in person.
  2. Dispute resolution:  An independent broker means you have a trusted industry expert working for you, on your behalf, if and when required.  This is a value added service you are receiving when you purchase your insurance policy with us.  Our brokers are here to answer questions and assist you through the claim process which can be confusing and difficult for a customer.
  3. We do the shopping for you:  You are busy and most likely don’t have the expertise in reviewing and comparing insurance coverage.  You have received a lower quote on your insurance but do you know what you are paying for?   Allow us to find the right insurance for the right price. Trust us – this will save you time, money, and energy!
  4. Competition and Expertise:  There are many insurance companies offering hundreds of insurance products across Canada. They are all competing for your business by offering specific products.  As a consumer it is difficult to know and understand these products. Our brokerage has chosen to partner with the experienced and financially stable insurance companies in Canada.  We will review and fit your needs to these products to ensure you are protected.
  5. Pricing awareness: Brokers are constantly working for you by keeping up to date with the continuous changes in the insurance market.  Your broker is aware of all discounts available and can evaluate how individual needs may affect insurance rates from year-to-year.  Keeping in mind price is not the only factor when making insurance decisions!

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