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Your home is your most important asset, which makes it all the more important to protect yours with a high-quality policy. No matter where you live or what type of mortgage you have, there are certain benefits and protections offered by comprehensive home insurance policies. You can have peace of mind knowing we’ve got your back!

Home Discounts

Here are some of the property discounts offered by our insurance companies which you may be eligible for:

Some insurance companies will offer discounts to mature homeowners. The age that qualifies as “mature” will vary from provider to provider.

Home insurance discounts and alarms go hand in hand. You may be eligible for a home insurance discount if you have a monitored fire alarm in your home.

For homeowners who have been claims-free for a specific number of years, you may be eligible for a discount.

In terms of Home Insurance, you can earn a loyalty discount while renewing your insurance policy without switching to a new insurance company for a certain number of years.

If you finish paying off your mortgage, you may be eligible for a discount for no longer carrying a mortgage. 

Some insurance providers will offer lower rates if the home is new (or newer).

A multiple policy discount reduces home insurance rates for customers who have two lines of insurance with the same company.

McKillop offers several forms of property insurance

Seasonal Properties/Vacations Homes
Rental Properties
Mobile Homes

Protect your most important assets

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Property Insurance

Your home and property are valuable assets and we recommend you work with a Lethbridge insurance professional to insure these assets properly. There are different coverage and policy options for you to choose from.  An example would be insuring a property according to Actual Cash Value vs. Replacement Cost.  All property owners should understand the difference and attempt when possible to insure according to the cost to rebuild the property in the event of a total loss.  You should also be aware that the replacement cost of a property is different than the market value.

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Personal Liability

Your property insurance policy also provides coverage for personal liability. This coverage protects you in the event you become legally liable for anyone injured while visiting your property, or if you accidentally damage someone else’s property.

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