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Land ownership is highly prized in our society. It is natural that people dealing in land should want their transactions processed quickly and accurately. It is also reasonable for them to expect searches of land records to be provided to them in a timely manner.

Land Title Searches

Most records at the Land Titles Office are classed as public records and may be searched by anyone. Titles identify the current owner and show all outstanding registered interests in the land, such as mortgages, caveats, easements and builders’ liens.

To obtain a title search you must know the legal description, Land Identification Numeric Code (LINC number), or the title number for the property you want to search.  We can not search a title by municipal address.

 Example of Civic address is:

123 Cosy Street , Calgary, AB;

Example of Legal address is:

Plan 1234ABC Block D Lot 90.

If you want to know who owned the property before the current owners we can provide a historical search using the legal address (land description).  Alberta properties can be searched back to the original owners.

These documents include information on all outstanding registered interests in the land, such as mortgages, caveats, easements and builders’ liens.

These documents provide property mapping.  You need a legal address (land description) to request this document.

framing of a residential house

Land Title Registrations

We can assist in the registrations of mortgage discharges, transfer of lands, registering builder’s liens, etc.  Our office can provide you with the necessary forms to complete these transactions.  We will also submit your documents for registrations directly to Land Titles Office on your behalf.

Personal Property Searches (Lien Searches)

We can provide search of the APPRES system for any registration in the province of Alberta. We can not provide out of Province searches.  Examples of different searches we provide.

  • Individual Debtor Name Search: Determines if there are any registrations for a specific individual debtor name.
  • Business Debtor Name Search: Determines if there are any registrations for a specific business debtor name.
  • Serial Number Search: Determines if there are any registrations for specific serial number goods.
  • Registration Number Search: Determines the status of a specific Personal Property Registry registration number.
  • Distribution Seizure Search: Determines if there are any registrations for individual and/or business names that may participate in distribution proceeds. This type of search will determine if enforcement proceedings are viable.
  • Business Secured Party Search: Determines all the registrations for a specific organization.
  • Certificate of Expired or Discharged Registration Number Search: Determines when a registration expired or was discharged.

Requirements for searches;

  • If you are searching a motor vehicle we require the serial number.
  • If you are searching a business or person we require the full legal name.
  • If you are searching a registration we require the last registration number.
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Vehicle Information Reports

A Vehicle Information Report (VIR) provides information on a vehicle’s registration history in the province of Alberta.  The report is produced using the vehicle identification number (VIN) also called a serial number.  Every vehicle is assigned its own unique number by the manufacturer or the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

The report includes the following information.

  • The date and time of the report
  • Vehicle description – year, make, model, style, colour, fuel type, odometer reading ( if available
  • Vehicle status – active, salvage, non-repairable, unsafe, rebuilt,
  • Vehicle registration – date vehicle first entered on system, licence plate classification, registration history date and location (no personal information for any current or previous owner is shown, including licence plate numbers)
  • Lien information – provides the number of liens and other related instruments which are registered in the province of Alberta and associated with the serial number. Detailed information, such as the secured party and the party to whom the money is owed, can be determined by purchasing a separate Personal Property lien search.
  • The VIR ONLY shows information from the Alberta Motor Vehicle System. It does not include any information from other provinces or countries where the vehicle may have been registered.

Personal Property Registrations

Interests in personal property must be registered in the Personal Property Registry to avoid possible loss or legal conflicts. It is very important to keep in mind that registration of your interest in the Personal Property Registry does not guarantee priority over all other interests. It is however, a necessary step to protect your interest.

We provide registration of the following;

A security interest under the Personal Property Security Act, including leases for a term of more than one year, transfers of accounts or chattel paper and consignments.

A buyer’s interest in goods left in the possession of the seller

Registered with the Personal Property Registry to enforce a creditor’s interest.

Federal Judgments registered with the Personal Property Registry to enforce a creditor’s interest

A Garage Keeper registers a lien against an owner’s vehicle for repairs, parts or storage for which he has not been paid.

An interest of a spouse given exclusive possession by a Court of a mobile home or household goods under the Matrimonial Property Act.

A lien, charge or other interest of the Crown created by any law in force in Canada.

An interest in real property of a corporation that secures payment or performance of an obligation under section 64(1)(d) of the Law of Property Act.

An order or interim order of a court in Alberta, maintenance means maintenance, support or alimony.

An order authorized by a court or statute that directs registration in PPR.

An order granted by the court prior to judgment, to attach to property in order to protect an interest.

A notice of a financial statement or final account of the receiver’s administration.

A lien, charge, or other interest that affects property and is created under an enactment in force in Alberta.

You must bring the appropriate completed forms to our office to have a lien registered. For more information on the above please contact one of our professional registry staff for assistance. 403 320-5588